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As of right now, we feed our adult dogs Purina Pro Plan Sport (link below). Another alternative, which is a bit more pricey, is pawTree Real Chicken & Oatmeal (link below). While puppies are with us, their diet consists of 2/3 Purina kibble and 1/3 pawTree kibble. We understand that some customers will want to use food that they have had success with in the past, and that's totally ok, but we highly advise that they get a 6-lb bag of Purina for when the puppy comes home, and then gradually transition into the new food.


*When you will be creating your pawTree account, they will ask if you if you know a petPro. If you click 'Yes, I know a petPro' and enter the ID provided below, we will get a small commission.

ID: 1070898  —  Purina Pro Plan Sport 50-lb Bag  —  Purina Pro Plan Sport 6-lb Bag


As far as supplements, we swear by Nuvet. We give our dogs both Nuvet Plus and NuJoint DS. Using supplements by random brands can sometimes get sketchy because you don't know what ingredients they add. Nuvet uses natural human grade ingredients, and they're manufactured in a human FDA registered pharmaceutical laboratory. Better yet, both Nuvet Plus and NuJoint DS are safe to use for dogs in all life stages.

*After you will add your desired product(s) into your cart, go to checkout. Under the new customer section, please put in the code 783348, from which we will get a small commission.

CODE: 783348

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